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    I was sitting in a 15′ Ocala Ladder stand, leaning against a white oak tree, in a grove of mixed white, red and pin oaks.   It was deer season and I was holding a .50 caliber hawken replica, loaded with 65 grains of 3fg black powder and a .490 patched round ball.  An obnoxious fox squirrel spotted me and began telling all of the neighborhood woods creatures where I was and he objected to my presence in his tree.  He managed to gain access to the tree I was sitting in, by climbing the tree next to me and jumping onto the 7″ limb I had my left arm leaning against.  He cautiously edged to about 10′ away, and continued to tell all of the local residents about my general bad looks, my family history, my apparent suitability to procreate, and various other assorted objections.  By then,  it was obvious that no deer were about to come to breakfast, so I slowly turned my rifle and aimed at his nose.  I thought that he would turn tail and run, when he heard the click of me thumb cocking my rifle, but, alas, he did not.  I set the double set triggers and he continued his tirade.  As I touched the hair trigger, the ball went in his mouth and came out the tip of his tail, causing him to swell up the size of a football, for a fraction of a second.  I thought that I would have squirrel for supper, but there wasn’t enough left to pick up.  The .50 caliber ball had done a number.  Keep yer powder dry……..robin

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