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    Buster Gold

    Wondered what .22 ammo others favor for squirrel hunting.  First of all, I find fast hollow points to be most effective.  Although they ruin more meat, fewer “get away.”  In the woods I hunt, it is easy to lose a poorly hit wounded squirrel.

    After much trial and error, I have settled on the CCI “Stinger” as the most effective .22 load.  It is very accurate in my rifle, and seems to be the best.  But, it is often hard to find in stores.  I sometime find it at Cabela’s, and then buy multiple boxes.

    Has anyone tried the CCI “Copper Hollow Point” .22 ammo?  It contains no lead.  Don’t know deadly it will be?  I haven’t tried it yet.



    I agree with you on the HVHP’s. When I use them I prefer Federal HP’s, as they shot the best in my rifle.

    But lately I’ve been using standard velocity solid points, but made into flat points. Some years back I purchased a trimming die, into which you put the cartridge and then file the point down. It is tedious work, but they kill squirrels well, better than the sub-sonic HP’s I’ve used. And they are quieter than the HV rounds, which I like and is why I go to the trouble to make them.

    Winchester T-22’s shot the best in my rifle. I would not use them, or other SV solid points, for squirrel hunting unless I made them into the flat points.

    The trimming tool is marked “The Hanned Line” if I remember correctly. I don’t know if they are still around.

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